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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Scrapbooking-baby steps!

After spending lots of time at Paperwings( and at various angels' blog sites, I was inspired to make my 2nd scrapbook ever: a little meandering maze mini album that Julie ( had the tutorial for on her blog.I wanted to give something special to my MIL for Mothers' Day and this didn't seem too overwhelming. I used the Sands of Time cardstock and tags.

Many years ago my MIL had given us all her old pictures of my husband: a photo album with the black photo corners that didn't hold the pictures well and a shoebox filled with loose photos. The pictures go back to 1951 and were in rough shape. Anyways, I found 15 pictures that spanned the first 5 years, scanned them into the computer and printed them as wallets. Then I trimmed them to fit in the 3 inch square album. I added a few tags and stamped some pages, and left pockets on 6 pages. In these I put tags on which I had written quotes about mothers and attached ribbons, of course. I wrote on the white side of the tags, then sponged ink around the edges. I will tell her to add any memories she has from the pictures on the other side. Many of the photos had no details with them when I got them.

I wrote this on the inside cover: He'll love you forever, he'll love you for always, as long as he's living, your baby he'll be. (inspired by my favorite children's book: Love You Forever) My husband is her oldest child and only son. He thinks his sisters will be jealous-I told him I didn't have any of their photos to put in.My only regret-didn't take pictures of it before sending it to her!

BTW, the only other scrapbook I have ever done was a 6X6 of my granddaughter that I gave my MIL 3 years ago. I am slowly turning the corner...looks like TAC s going that way big time so I better get in practice!

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