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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Closing Comments

Well, it has been over a year since I added to this blog page. In the mean time I had another page with a domain I am no longer paying for, so I came back to this one for a visit. I looked at my stats and was surprised to see that I had a bunch of visitors recently. I no longer demonstrate for The Angel Company stamps, as, sad to say, that company closed its doors last year. And I am no longer teaching because I retired last year also. Tim and I sold our house in Virginia and moved to Florida, too. this has been a year of big changes. Sooo..I think Stampin' Teacher is a misnomer for any blog I do.

I am still stamping cards and an occasional gift item or mini album, and I want to continue sharing those with the ethereal world of the in does anyone really see these posts? My new blog is up and running. Clink the tab above and it will bring you there. Along with a place to share my art, it will be a blog for my musings about my life in general.

Please stay tuned for whatever comes next. And drop a comment if you happen my way.