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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

at home on medical leave

On Feb. 27th I entered the hospital unexpectedly after a CT scan that morning showed a perforation in my small intestine near my stomach and an absess nearby. After a week in the hospital, during which time I was on IV antibiotics and a drain was "installed" to drain off the absess, I was sent home with a pic line for TPN, which means all my food goes directly into my veins and I don't eat or drink anything in my mouth. This is because I am otherwise healthy and the doctor hopes the hole will close on its own. Next week I will see my surgeon to see if I continue this treatment or need to schedule surgery. Because I underwent radiation treatment just a few months ago, he was hesitant to do the surgery and was hoping this might work. So I am tethered to a book bag that holds my "feedbag" and the pump, and I have a drainage bag attached to me as well...hoping I am not grossing out anyone here. I will try to get some cards made and posted here soon.

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